Wattpad Story

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Hello,new item today,
This will be my new page for my wattpad story collection.Have fun read.

A story of a girl who was living in [your country] , being proposed by her sister(non-biological sister) to work in Korea to be a maid in BANGTAN'S dorm.The story full with cute,funny and mysterious scenes.All the boys fall in love with Lia's character and hardwork.But only two of them were deeply attracted by her and have a serious intention to express their own feeling.With their own skills and funny way to tackle Lia,on the last episode of this story,only one could success winning Lia's heart.Who is that two boys?Could be,Namjoon or Jin?Taehyung or Jungkook?Jimin or J-hope?or even Jin?and WHO is that one lucky man? continue

Hannah,a young girl who was living in a city of dream,Gangnam,Seoul due to her dream to become a singer.She was originated from [your country],had been living in Korea for almost 1 year.However,unexpected thing to be happen,when she met him, a guy from a rising group,BTS.He named Min Yoongi aka Suga of BTS.The scenes weren't as being planned by every ARMY as they meet their beloved idol.A secret of her being their fan been kept until she reveal it verbally.To make it short,Min Yoongi already fall for her on the third day they accidentally met.Unfortunately,Hannah still doesn't have any feel toward guys,including him.But things Yoongi did to her,turn Hannah's view about it.They date each other,but the date wasn't a sweet date after all.That what it called,the savage date. continue