Frequently ask me

Saturday, December 15, 2012


Hello,and yep my dear friends.I'm right now want to tell you and answering all question that questioned your brain about tutorials and stuff here.So,read them carefullt and kindly ask me if yiu don't understand ceratian subject,and if you have any question,indly ask me at cbox,and your question will be asnwered here.Ok.Ready.They goes like these:

What is the stuff presented here?

Tutorials and freebies that you want and i'm ready to fulfil your request here.Tutor here help you to enchance your blog and at the same time it help me to improve my skill doing certain tutorial.
Where can i ask a question?

You can ask me directly in cbox,or if you want to proceed to my link,it's ok for me.Do remember to ask question that revolving about tutorials and freebies only.

What type of requesting offered here?

There are many type,just to proceed to order link and it will tell you what your needs.

Where can i find the requesting form?

Just move your cursor smoothly to the order link on top of content/body of the blog.Do remember to fill all the required form before sending your request to me.You may also include the description about you request so that i will know it.

What about the price of the offer?

The price depend on your type of request.If it only a small matter,then the charge will be cheap too.The image provided here,or requesting image,will not take any charge.You can go to the order link too to know more.

Can i get a discount on the price provided here?

Yes,of course you can if you're ready to add me on Facebook.Hehe.The discount that can you get is about 10% to 20% discount.

Can i find what i need?

Yes,you can find what your need through the search box at the sidebar that only related to my tutorials provided here.If not,you can directly go to stuff link.

Can i make a request of tutor?

Yes,if only you tell me what type of tutor you want through my cbox or requesting form.You can review my all site[kawaiiness and this site to see the template]

Are there a requesting to made full blog editing although i don't have any account?

Actually,not,you need to sign up before made editing full blog request.You can send your email and password to me.After that,you have to change your email and password after your request had done.